Thanks for popping over to check out my blog. I am a mother, raising two kids with type-A parents who don’t often find time to take a break. Family dinners are a rarity and if we’re all riding in the car at the same time it must be a family vacation. We live life to the fullest, but we live life in a blur. As my kids are getting older, I find myself taking mental snapshots of our moments, realizing that time is passing quickly and my babies will soon be all grown up.

As time flies, I intend to truly live the depth of each moment. We all live the length of each moment, that happens as life passes us by. But it’s more important to live the depth of the moment. Find the emotions, find the meaning, find the happiness of each moment of every day. That’s what my life and my blog are all about. We are given a finite amount of time on this planet. I want to spend it with my family and friends laughing, loving, and really enjoying life.