Wordless Wednesday: Wild Zoo Day

We braved the zoo on the second day of spring break! It was a little crazy and I could barely get through the crowd. We met up with my daughter’s good friend and they ran around having fun. That’s all that matters, really. They honestly didn’t really care about seeing any animals. They wanted to eat ice cream. The ice cream demands began before we even walked into the gate at the entrance. Every excited gasp of, “Look at the penguins, elephants, tigers” by us moms was met with “We want ice cream!” So we had our eyes peeled for an ice cream stand and found one in the back of the zoo. Luckily, it was by the playground. With the kids satisfied, we took the train back to the exit and went home. My son was thrilled with this ride. Instead of ice cream requests all afternoon, he’d been asking, “Where’d choo-choo go?” incessantly.  I probably said, “At the train station” 947 times between the giraffes and the zebras.

It was a beautiful day and it was nice to be outside in the warm sunshine with good friends. Here are a few shots from our zoo day (you can see that my daughter thought the elephants were stinky!!).


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