Who Hangs a Dead Chicken From a Child’s Neck??

When the story of the abused foster child made headlines yesterday, I found myself filled with the same emotions I was the day I wrote this post about the child who was beaten to death by his mom’s boyfriend. These emotions were compounded by the anger I felt yesterday after having a detailed conversation with a friend about her father molesting her as a young girl.

I almost have no words. No really, I have no words except – what the fuck is wrong with people?? Seriously. What the fuck is wrong with people?? Who looks at a young girl and thinks that raping her in a store parking lot is a good idea?? Who handcuffs a child to the porch outside, leaving him shivering in the cold air and then hangs a dead chicken around his neck?? Yes. A dead chicken is what I just said. Who are these people and what the fuck is wrong with them?

I look at my two small, blonde-haired children who love Mickey Mouse, playing with their Radio Flyer wagons, and who get their thrills from speeding down our backyard slide. I look at them and I see nothing but innocence and wonder. Wonder about this world. Innocence that protects them from knowing the evil that inhabits this world.

I don’t understand, and will never understand, how someone can steal that innocence from a child. The pompous attitude it takes to think you have the right to violate a child, beat a child, absolutely change a child’s life forever. Besides being sick and twisted, these must be the most conceited people on the planet. They think they have the right to control, violate, beat, and even kill in some cases, sweet innocent children.

It’s beyond comprehension. It’s deplorable. And it’s disgusting. I believe in an eye-for-an-eye for all child abusers. See how those adults like being handcuffed, caged, raped, and beaten. Someone might think twice about forcefully penetrating a 6 year-old girl if he fears the same act. Beyond that, they should all be locked away forever. No bail, bond, or parole for child abusers. We have to get these people off the streets, away from our neighborhoods, and out of their own children’s bedrooms. We must advocate for these children. They’re too little to speak for themselves. It’s our job as a society to protect the smallest among us.

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8 comments on “Who Hangs a Dead Chicken From a Child’s Neck??

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  2. I thought the same thing when I heard of the story yesterday. I deliberately stay away from stories like that, so I don’t know the details, because yes, I’m one of those cliches that CAN’T and WON’T know since I’ve had my kids, but I applaud you for writing about this. And I completely identify with the way your mind wondered to your own kids right away. That’s precisely why I find these news items too much to handle.

  3. I totally agree with you. These types of things make me angry. I don’t have kids but I can’t imagine how someone can hurt a child or a defenseless animal. It makes no sense, there are definitely dark forces in the world…That is is only thing I can think of to even begin to comprehend this type of crazy.

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