What’s Your #InstantHappy?


I’ve heard it said that a good life is simply a collection of happy moments. There’s no better way to capture these moments – these happy moments – than photographs.

The instant your kids embrace in a goodnight hug.

The moment your spouse doubles over in laughter.

The glance over at your dog stretched out in the sunlight.

When you look back on your life, these moments may not be remembered as clearly as graduations or weddings, but they are the foundation of the life you’ve created. It’s the little moments that allow the big moments to happen.

I’m joining a fellow blogger’s Instagram challenge for the month of April as she captures one photograph each day which highlights a simple moment that brings her happiness.

We’ll be starting our 30 day #InstantHappy challenge on Tuesday, but I thought I’d get the happiness started by joining the Ten Things of Thankful blog hop and highlighting 10 #InstantHappy moments from this Sunday morning.

My son’s sparkly toenail polish as he proudly emulates his older sister.

My daughter fully dressed as a cowgirl by 9:00 am.

The spring flower arrangements on my fireplace hearth.

The cardinals enjoying breakfast at my birdfeeder.

My son playing with his farm and making cute animal noises.

My husband sleeping soundly as he recovers from an overnight shift as a trauma physician downtown.

My comfort level as I recover from breast reduction surgery and discover shirts that actually fit well.

My daughter cuddling with her baby doll.

Lunch plans made with good friends.

My kids playing well together – even if it is my son being dressed in a pink skirt and My Little Pony panties.

I hope you’ll join us on our pursuit of #InstantHappy in April! If you want to see my culmination of moments, I’ll be posting a link over on my sidebar so you can follow along.

Thanks to Tangy over at Style and {im}Perfection for hosting the #InstantHappy challenge!

Thanks to Lizzy over at Considerings for faithfully hosting the Ten Things of Thankful blog hop each weekend.

5 comments on “What’s Your #InstantHappy?

  1. Great post! you just took my challenge to a whole new level. ( my sister and I use it dress up our little brother too – and he loved it) Share the happiness #instanthappy

  2. I agree with you that the little moments make the big ones possible. And a good life is all those little moments hooked together. I love picturing your son in his sparkly polish, your daughter in her cowgirl outfit. And I hope the new boobies are feeling better. I have heard there is a lot of pain involved in that surgery. Enjoy all your little moments this next week, and have fun with the Instagram challenge!

  3. I love that your son emulates his older sister… how cute is that?! WHat a great list… its things like these that really make a life… youre right we will remember the events but we live everything else… wonderful list… loved it!

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