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It’s the weekend and per tradition over here on the blog, it’s time to count our blessings and express our thankfuls. My blogging buddy Lizzi hosts the Ten Things of Thankful blog hop every weekend and this week I was inspired by this to-do list I found while browsing Pinterest. I like the idea of thinking about my thankfulness as a to-do list. As a recovering pessimist, I must train myself to be in the moment and see the positive in daily life. So today, as I look out my window into this snowy abyss, I have a to-do list of 10:

1. Be thankful for the dirty socks because that means I have little feet in my home that played all week long.

2. Be thankful for the snow outside because it means I’m staying home with my two munchkins and cuddling on the couch today.

3. Be thankful that my husband is working all weekend because it means he has a steady job that puts food on our table.

4. Be thankful for the cups, forks, and bowls in the sink because it means my children feed themselves independently.

5. Be thankful for the school materials I must organize today because it means I got to fuel my soul by teaching preschool last week.

6. Be thankful for the exercise I must do today because it means I have a functioning body that should be taken care of.

7. Be thankful for my daughter’s imagination that can be exhausting because it means she is smart and creative.

8. Be thankful for my son’s need to be held because one day he won’t want this much closeness with his mom.

9. Be thankful for the groceries to put away because it means we have a pantry full of healthy food to sustain us in the upcoming week.

10. Be thankful for this ordinary, suburban life because it means my childhood dreams of a family and a picket-fence life have come true.


Enjoy your upcoming week, friends. Remember it is not happy people who are thankful. It is thankful people who are happy.


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  2. I was in a mom’s group long ago and we discussed this same idea. Be thankful for these things, because it means good things are happening in our lives. It is true, and by simply looking at the same chores differently, they don’t seem like a burden. Usually. :)

  3. I truly love this list! I need to work on #4, because I am currently NOT thankful for the mess in the sink by a 15 year old who should be old enough to clean up after herself….

    And #10 is my favorite. I had the same dream as a child, and while there are ups and downs with it, I am truly living the dream!

  4. I need to focus on 1, 6, and 8. Thanks for the reminder that the mountains and mountains of dirty laundry are a blessing in disguise because they mean that I have 2 great, healthy active teens in the house. And 6, well, being healthy enough to exercise is key! And 8, my son is growing up so fast that I have to remember that he will soon be out the door (he’s 16!). Thanks for the reminders….

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