Domestic Violence: How Your Old Cell Phone Can Help


The feeling of being stuck. Stuck without money. Stuck without a car. Stuck without a phone. Stuck without anyway to get out. Stuck in a violent relationship but unable to take the necessary steps to get herself out. Her husband controls the money, monitoring every dollar she spends. Her husband screens every phone call she makes. The fear of speaking up keeps her hunkered down and quiet, hoping it will all just stop one day. She doesn’t reach out to family because she’s embarrased to admit what she’s been dealing with. She doesn’t leave because she has no money and worries about how she will make it on her own. She doesn’t speak up because she’s scared of what he’ll do to her. She’s stuck.

For a woman in this situation, there is nothing better than a helpful hand reaching out to move her out of her terrifying nightmare. A helpful hand with a few dollars, a warm place to sleep, a car she can borrow, or a phone she can secretely use to make calls to organize her escape. A phone. Her lifeline to the outside world – a world of women’s shelters and charities who can help get her on her feet. This phone could be the first step in the move that saves her life and you could be the one to provide that phone. Verizon has a program called Hopeline that takes old, dontated cell phones and refurbishes them to dontate to domestic violence agencies. They put 3,000 free minutes of phone and text services on these phones and hand them out to women who need this secure, private connection to emergency services, family, friends, and law enforcement.

If you would like to donate your old cell phone, follow these steps listed on the Hopeline press release:

Verizon takes the protection of customer information seriously and encourages everyone who plans to give a
phone to HopeLine to erase any personal data on the phone by erasing contacts from the address book, deleting
call logs, erasing messages, removing stored photos and other media. As part of the refurbishing process, phones donated to HopeLine are scrubbed prior to distributing them for reuse to ensure all customer data is removed. Donated phones are not tax deductible.

There are two ways to donate phones to HopeLine:
In Person: Drop phones at any Verizon Wireless communications Store. To find a store visit the online store locator.
By Mail: Print a postage-paid label at the Hopeline website , adhere it to the box/envelope and mail. Review all shipping instructions carefully and include a return address on the label.


Last week, a member of our blogging community was killed, along with her son, by her abusive husband. Chris Keith wrote the blog Adventures of a Thrift Mama out of Lansing, MI. This left the three of their other children without parents. Their 8, 6, and 3 year-old will be living with relatives and a fund has been set up if you’d like to help out financially.

This post is in honor of Chris and for the memory of a talented writer and genuine person. Please visit the blog link-up today over at Becoming Supermommy to read all the posts honoring Chris today.

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