25 Things Every Mom Should Realize

25 Things

Inspired by a post on Wall Street Insantity titled 50 Things Every Man Should Realize, I’ve found myself thinking about absolutes every woman, and especially moms, should realize. Having a child is a wonderful life path to choose, but it can also be tiring and it’s easy to lose perspective amid the Pinteresting of it all. To help us all keep the important things at the forefront of our minds, I’ve developed 25 Things Every Mom Should Realize about herself, men, kids, and life in general.

  1. If you aren’t happy to wake-up and begin your day, make a change in your life. There is no reason to spend one more day unhappy.
  2. Teaching your children patience, responsibility, and pride in one’s work is just as important as teaching them their ABCs. Start young by having them help around the house.
  3. If you are smart with your money and shop the sales, you can buy almost anything you want. It just may take a little while to save up.
  4. The years fly by in your marriage and with your children. Soak up the moments of laughter and take lots of pictures.
  5. Sex is important. It’s okay to be a woman and admit this.
  6. Be generous and open to constructive criticism. You are not perfect. Nobody is.
  7. Your mom is an important part of who you are as a person and can still be a vital part of your life as you raise your own children. She won’t be around forever. Cherish her while she is.
  8. Do some form of exercise every day, whether it is a dance party in your kitchen or a bootcamp at the gym. Your body will thank you in a few decades.
  9. If being the perfectly poised and put-together wife and mom is your only goal in life, you’ll never feel fully satisfied.
  10. You should know how to use a hammer, a drill, and a screwdriver. If you don’t, you can learn by watching YouTube videos. I did.
  11. Do not care what anyone thinks about your screaming toddler, your effeminate son, or your socially awkward daughter. Do what you need to do for your child, without concern for others’ comments, dirty looks, or uncomfortable reactions.
  12. Know how to make small talk. This can benefit you at a playdate, a meeting with your boss, or a cocktail party. You never know when you’ll find a real friend during a five minute conversation.
  13. Don’t be a bitch. It rarely gets you anywhere in life and it makes people dislike you.
  14. Reading aloud to your child is one of the best things you can do for him ever. In his entire life. Bar none. So turn off the TV.
  15. Taking time for yourself is essential to being the best mom you can be. Don’t feel guilty about it.
  16. Be honest with your kids. If you make a mistake as a parent, apologize to them.
  17. Keep your friendships strong, even when kids have you pulled in all directions. It’s important to know there’s someone to call when you need to cry, laugh, or celebrate with a friend who really understands you.
  18. You don’t have to own expensive toys to have a great time with your kids. Cardboard boxes and a set of markers can often lead to the greatest playtimes you’ll ever have.
  19. If you always believe you’re the best, you’ll never grow as a person. And it’s important not to be stagnant.
  20. Maintaining a healthy marriage is extremely important for your children. Modeling a mutually beneficial, respectful relationship will help them choose their own healthy relationship one day.
  21. Take an active role in your children’s education. Whether they are behind or advanced, you need to know what they’re learning and how they’re performing. A parent’s proactive hand can often make a big difference in the classroom. Know your child and know her needs.
  22. Be open to having friends with different religious beliefs. It’s amazing what you can learn about family, values, and community from someone who was raised differently than you.
  23. Lots of quality “wasted time” beats lots of mediocre scheduled time any day of the week.
  24. Devote some time each week to what you are passionate about. Be it feeding the homeless, knitting scarves, or writing a novel, allow yourself a little time to fully commit yourself to this passion.
  25. Truly listen to your children when they are young. If they trust that you really care when they’re upset about the color of their cup, they’ll trust that you really care when their heart is broken for the first time.


When I was pregnant with my first child, someone gave me this advice: “It’s not hard to¬†not mess up your children. Feed them when they’re hungry and hug them when they cry and they’ll turn out just fine.” I love that thought because it embraces the simplicity of what being a good mother really is. It’s not fancy birthday parties, organized playrooms, or perfectly made lunches in Bento boxes. It’s love, compassion, and caring. It really is that simple.

13 comments on “25 Things Every Mom Should Realize

  1. Lovely. As a grandmother it was so nice to see your comment about enjoying your mother. You’re right one she won’t be there. Ask questions now. Get those recipes now. Enjoy now.

  2. This is a great list. I’m totally lacking in the small talk area. I always think later “Ahhh, I should have said this.” But by the time I realize it, it’s way too late. Being socially awkward stinks.

  3. Elizabeth – what a wonderful list full of important reminders like the best fun is the made up kind involving a box and some markers, that allowing your child to choose the color of his sippy cup will lead to trust and to turn off the tv and read! I love it. I love that you wrote it. Seriously. Tweeting it.

  4. This list is great, so often we forget that our kids take in everything we do, if we’re not doing what we’re asking of them it won’t take them long to mistrust us.

  5. All excellent advice. Number 7 and 18 resonated the most with me. I just lost my mom. She drove me nuts, till she was gone. And gone is forever.

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