10 Things That Are Not The Same As 10 Years Ago: Your Boobs, Too??


1. My boobs. Didn’t these things used to be sexy??

2. My eyes. It seems like I used to look perky in the mornings.

3. My hairdo. Remember the days when we used mousse, hairdryers, and curling irons??

4. My feet. Who knew that carrying a baby in your torso would cause your feet to grow a size??

5. My skin. Oh, to not worry about night creams and concealer…

6. My neck. The neck doesn’t lie about your age.

7. My legs. Or, more specifically, the hair on my legs. I used to shave every day. Now, my husband is lucky if I shave once a week.

8. My memory. I swear I used to know where everything was. Now I feel like I need Alzheimer’s meds half the time.

9. My anxiety. I now worry about what 2 other little people are doing 24/7 – and will for the rest of my life.

10. My gym routine. 30 minutes on the elliptical has turned into torture sessions of trying to get the old body back.


It’s give and take with time and kids. As we spend more time with our children, we spend less time on ourselves. With that said, I’m tired of this new body. I’m over the post-baby stomach, boobs, and loose skin. So, I’ve scheduled a Mommy Makeover for Thursday. I’m ready for things to be a little more like they were 10 years ago!


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9 comments on “10 Things That Are Not The Same As 10 Years Ago: Your Boobs, Too??

  1. I cried when I had to give away all my pretty, fancy size 7 pumps a la Carrie Bradshaw style. It shouldn’t have mattered, but it felt like I was saying goodbye to the last shred of sexy I had.

  2. Ah yes. Everyone promised my feet would grow and since I wear a size 5, I hoped it would happen. They stayed the same. And everything else drooped, sagged or widened. Oh, and then there’s the gray hair. Not just on my head. sigh.

  3. Amen sister! I’m right there with you on pretty much all of these. I miss my perky boobs and great skin. Oh to be just 5 years younger again.:)

  4. I would like to add an 11. My arms. I’m getting the wings under my arms. I don’t full-arm wave anymore.

    Oh, and 12. My butt. I’ve had to move into “curvy” pants. Not a good look for someone with size almost A saggy boobs.

  5. I try not to think too much about how the bod has changed in 10 years, or even the last 3. I keep trying to focus on what my body can do and how it serves me well each day. If I looked too hard at the changes, I might never come out of the bathroom.. Ha ha.

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